Bike-Egypt is located in the town of Hurghada, which lies on the shore of the Red Sea. Bike-Egypt takes its customers to ride dirt bikes in the Egyptian wilderness, in sandy deserts, where there is space as far as the eye can see and not the tracks, where ownership relations will make riding difficult. Bike-Egypt takes you down the dusty gravel roads, crossing each other in the middle of nowhere, to the rises of the dunes, to the canyons between the mountains and to the peaks, you name it! The riding experience can be very easy and relaxing, but depending on the skills and wishes of the riders, we can head off to the terrain where trial skills would be a great advantage.

It is awesome to have a break on a beach or by the pool of a hotel and take a swim in order to wash away all the sand of the tired body after a long and active day on the saddle. A drink or two and a good dinner are logically well deserved.

Basic Info

Bike Egypt’s customers usually book flights and accommodation themselves and contact Bike-Egypt to then book the safaris. If you want to book only the flights, Bike-Egypt will give you a hand in order to find a suitable accommodation in Hurghada during your stay.

Bike-Egypt recommends that the skills of the riders of the safari group should be on the same level. We want to avoid the scenario where inexperienced riders need to push their limits and take uncontrollable risks; while on the other hand, the more experienced riders get frustrated because of the lack of challenge during the safari. Customers are responsible of their own insurance coverage and Bike-Egypt recommends confirming before the trip that your insurance covers possible (not probable) cases of accident concerning this type of activity. Bike-Egypt provides customers with basic equipment like a helmet, hood and goggles. Other safety equipment is available to rent from Bike-Egypt for your safari.

Safaris are run every day, morning and afternoon depending on daylight. A tank full of gasoline is burned during the safari. Practically this means a 2-3 hours ride at the time. In between morning and afternoon safaris we will have lunch and fill the bikes’ tanks as well as the riders’ energy tanks. We will have breaks during the safari as well. It is better to be well hydrated and we recommend you to drink all the time. It is worth enjoying the spectacular views as well as photographing them. Kimmo, the riding guide, is a professional photographer, so you will get valuable tips for your photographing hobby. It is also possible to combine a safari and a real photographing course.

Daily safari

Morning safari

  • Meeting at the Bike-Egypt’s base camp
  • Briefing on safety onboard and route
  • Equipment check & bike introduction
  • Engines on & test driving
  • Departure
  • Enjoying the ride
  • Breaks for drinking and photo shooting
  • Arrival back to Bike-Egypt's base camp

Afternoon safari

  • Meeting at the Bike-Egypt´s base camp
  • Briefing on safety onboard and route
  • Equipment check & bike introduction
  • Engines on & test driving
  • Departure
  • Enjoying the ride
  • Breaks for drinking and photo shooting
  • Arrival back to Bike-Egypt's base camp

Bike-Egypt tailors

Usually customers book safaris for a few 2-4 days and ride 2 safaris per day and stay overnight around Hurghada´s lights. Naturally it is possible to take part in one single safari only. Most of the customers have been interested in other types of activities, which Bike-Egypt can arrange. For instance diving and snorkelling trips are part of the weekly program. Most of the customers are also interested in the cultural history of Egypt and safaris are often arranged to visit places that tell their story of the historical or present times in Egypt. Bike-Egypt organizes also longer, e.g. a week lasting safaris that include nights at a Bedouin camp or some other kind of camp along the route. It is therefore possible to tailor-make the length and content of a safari, according to customers´ needs and expectations. Challenge us, do not hesitate to ask for what you desire!

Bike-Egypt is pleased to design a safari exactly for you or your group, according to your interests. We expect you to tell us about your expectations and wishes concerning the terrain, the route and the sites to visit. During the safari it is possible to combine different kinds of experiences:

- During safaris we visit some camps of our befriended Bedouins or even stay a night at the camp. This is certainly one of the most unforgettable experiences in a man's life, drinking real tea with Bedouins trying to communicate with them or just listening to the silence and watching the bright stars on the dark sky

- Once during a safari we climbed a 2000 meter mountain, Mt Gebel, which is located about 30 kilometers from Hurghada. This activity requires very good physical condition and some special equipment


Single safari:
110 Euro

Safari day including two single safaris:
170 Euro

Safari prices include

  • Fuel + oils
  • Guiding services
  • Security planning and operations

Full safety equipment

Equipment Package: Price 20 Euro

The package includes

  • Basic equipment (helmet, goggles, gloves)
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Boots
  • Armor

Customer's responsibility on Bike-Egypt equipment

In a case of an accident, the customer's liability concerning material damages or losses is the total amount of the damage or loss up to 500 Euro, in case the accident clearly depends on a fact that a customer did not follow the instructions of the Bike-Egypt guide. In other case the customer's liability is limited to 50% of the total amount of the damage up to 500 Euro. The normal wear of the spare parts e.g. tires or cases of engine break are excluded of the customer liability. In other words, in these cases the customer is not responsible at all concerning these cases.

Bike-Egypt is not responsible for the customers' personal injuries. Please confirm your insurance coverage before starting the trip.


Besides comfort, joy and excitement, safety during the safaris is the main target of Bike-Egypt. The most important is that every customer returns from each safari in a good physical condition, excluding the sweet muscle ache and a slight overall tiredness reminding of a great day in the desert.

Safety is important to us – we expect responsible action and riding also from you!

Insurance coverage

It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that when starting the engine, his or her insurance is okay and covering accidents happening during this type of activity.

Personal insurance is not included in the safari price. Bike-Egypt prevents the possibility of accidents happening by well planned operations, skilled and educated staff who do not take risks when customers are involved.

Risk free riding

The absolutely best and easiest way of avoiding material damage and physical injuries is naturally a safe riding style. During Bike-Egypt safaris we usually ride within wide and open areas.However drivers should take their own experience and abilities into consideration and adjust the speed accordingly. During the safaris we might enter also more rough and demanding terrain and this is why drivers should follow the instructions of the Bike-Egypt guide and the route he chooses.

On the saddle

When taking part in a Bike-Egypt safari, a customer commits to follow the instructions of Bike-Egypt´s guide without exceptions. The route is planned and the speed is adjusted according to the skill level and experience of the group members. Before starting the engines we will have a riders’ brief, including all necessary information, e.g. safety, guide´s hand signals and preliminary route plan shown on the map. Riders´ driving skills will be tested before departure from the Bike-Egypt base camp, but it is nevertheless important that you do not exaggerate your own skills when you book a safari. It is advantageous for the group if all the members are on approximately same skill level. This not necessary, but it should be remembered that the guides run each safari according the most inexperienced rider´s skills.

Bikes and equipment

According to ancient history, there lies a treasure in the desert. In Bike-Egypt's base-camp garage you can find a real treasure, brand new KTM 530 EXC bikes. The extremely powerful liquid cooled 4-stroke engines are reliable and make these bikes easy to handle and dependable servants in arduous conditions. Nevertheless the KTMs provide even the most experienced riders with amazing torque and kick and they will not leave you in trouble on loose sand.

Customers' equipment

Along with the responsible riding style, equipment is the other factor which affects your safety. Bike-Egypt offers helmet, goggles and gloves included in the safari price. You have the option of renting a full safety equipment package for the duration of your safaris.

If you have equipment of your own back home, we recommend taking it with you. Particularly hard boots with rigid ankle parts and hard tip are essential pieces of equipment when riding in this kind of terrain with thousands of stones around. A smart rider carries a compass just to be sure of the direction, in case he cannot read it from the position of the sun. ;) A bag with a drinking hose system - 'Camel Bag' - is a very useful piece of equipment, so there is no need to stop all the time for drinking. Do not hesitate to ask us about the equipment when booking your safaris..

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